The success of hypnosis and NLP is dependent on a person’s motivation to change;  Results may differ from person to person.
Is it hard to believe that you can be slim?
Are you tired of diets, diet pills and shakes that don’t work?
Do you lose weight only to put it back on again?
Do you continuously sabotage your efforts to lose weight?
If you have answered “yes” to all or some of the above questions then you may have arrived at just the right place!
Many people considering hypnosis for weight loss have already tried a number of other things to lose the unwanted pounds.
How can hypnosis help you lose weight?
It gives us access to the subconscious mind which is the part of the mind that controls habits.
Your subconscious mind is suggestible (although this varies from person to person) and suggestions –  such as “you eat only in response to your body’s natural need for food as fuel” or  “your enjoyment of a regular exercise programme grows with each time you visit the gym” are given.
Repetition of these suggestions can boost your determination and enhance your conscious willpower. Provided they are in harmony with your goals your subconscious will accept them.
It can change old attitudes and beliefs about eating and maintaining a healthy weight.  This helps you to go through with any changes you have decided to make in your life.

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How Many Sessions?
You may need anything from 3 – 5 sessions which can be spaced according to your budget and time restraints.  The first session is usually between 1.5 – 2 hours’ duration when Linda will take the time to get to know you and to help you understand factors that are preventing you from being slim, trim and healthy.  She can coach you to define clear goals and establish daily deliberate actions to reach those goals easily.  Thereafter subsequent sessions are of 1 hour duration when further coaching, hypnosis and NLP techniques may be utilized to further assist and support you on your journey of change.
The Cost?
Consultation fees are R700 per session, R1950 for 3 sessions and R3000 for 5 sessions.  Linda also offers a free audio cd at each session to support you between sessions.
From 8 – 5  in Edenvale (Wednesday through to Saturday)  and Sandton (Tuesdays).  The office is closed on a Monday
How does Hypnosis work/what is hypnosis?
Your mind is your most powerful muscle. Linda will endeavour to motivate you to become the slimmer, fitter version of yourself;  She has been practising in this field for many years and is committed to helping people overcome their weight loss struggles.
Book a hypnosis session to learn more about how it may help you to attain the weight you desire.



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