Last fall, Adam Garner, 32, hit a low point. He went grocery shopping at his local Walmart in Portage, Indiana and was sweating buckets just walking around the store.

Garner, a stay-at-home dad, weighed 488 pounds and his back was killing him. As he approached the checkout line, a customer stared at him and smirked.
"He was judging the fat guy in the checkout line," Garner recounted. "I realized I was just watching life go by. My kids were growing up and I couldn't do anything with them."

Adam Garner, at eight months after starting on his weight-loss journey.
Garner had tried every quick-fix diet scheme out there from patches to weight-loss pills, but none of it helped him keep the weight off long term. He was depressed and spent most of the day sitting on the couch.

This time around, he decided to change his life by simply eating healthy foods and exercising more. In the last year, Garner has lost over 200 pounds and turned his life around. Here are the seven steps he took to make it happen.
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